Phase 1: Foundation

  • Market research and identification of user needs.

  • Development of Telenode Bot for easy GPU server acquisition.

  • Initial design and development of Telenode dApps for infrastructure management.

  • Integration of cryptocurrency payments.

Phase 2: Launch and Growth

  • Beta launch of Telenode Bot and dApps.

  • Community engagement and feedback collection.

  • Iterative improvements based on beta feedback.

  • Development of support and educational resources.

Phase 3: Expansion

  • Official launch of Telenode services.

  • Expansion of server capabilities and geographical reach.

  • Strategic partnerships and advanced feature development.

  • Localization of services for global markets.

Phase 4: Innovation

  • Integration of AI and machine learning for optimization.

  • Exploration of new services within the Telenode ecosystem.

  • Community-driven innovation and feature development.

  • Continuous adaptation to industry trends and technologies.

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